A mouth full of delicious wine.

Head above Heaven, Feet below Hell.

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Scott Wilde
19 January 1982
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I live in Seattle, I'm an enochian magician, capricornian mystic and a developer of software.

Please note: I don't post anything Friend's Only, so only friend me if you really want to read what I post. I will do the same, so if I don't friend you back its only because I don't see any posts on your journal that I find interesting, not because I don't like you personally.

I really could care less about the following things:
1. MEMEs (If you want to post stuff about yourself feel free, but I REALLY don't care what kind of type of whatever you are). If you are going to post these, at least do it behind a lj-cut.
2. Political commentary from people who don't otherwise involve themselves
3. Boring running commentarys of you child/pet/boyfriend's daily existance, banality, etc. Why do some people feel the need to post how they feel about the muffin they eat every morning? Instead tell me what you were contemplating over the muffin.

If I've added you to my friends list its most likely because of one of the following reasons:
1. You are creative with your posts, art, poetry, fresh insights.
2. You are introspective and like to examine your motivations. Show me your pain and pleasure, I hate blandness.
3. Some random reason, in which case I might only have you friended for awhile.

That being said, just because you are not on my friends list doesn't mean I don't read your jounal from time to time, if you've friended me I'll still usually pop by once or twice a month to see whats up.

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