Scott Wilde (asicath) wrote,
Scott Wilde

LIBER AL Commentary - New Blog

I'm pretty much done with Live Journal. The people who owned this site sold it a long while back and it keeps getting more annoying, adds and various things that I really don't want to have to put up with. RSS has also matured to the point where there is no reason people can't use it on a regular basis, there are just too many different blog techs out there and this makes it so there is only one place to check for updates.

I've started a new blog at I'm currently working on writing commentary to LIBER AL. I'm putting my current understanding of the lines down so I can compare later. Its also interesting to consider each line one at a time, do some research, come up with new meanings and examine the merits of each.

If you are staying in LJ land for a while and would like to read this, you can add the rss feed from this site to your friends list here: go to the bottom of the page and paste into the blank.
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